Railroad History

History of the Baltimore and Eastern Railroad

In the 1930's, the Baltimore and Eastern Railroad line from Baltimore to Ocean City, MD, a distance of 137 miles consisted of the following segments:

    1. Ferry from Baltimore on Chesapeake Bay to Love Point on the Eastern Shore, 27 miles on a Baltimore and Virginia Steamboat Company Ferry.

    2. Love Point to Denton Branch Jct. (Near Queen Anne), 24.7 miles

    3. Denton Branch Jct. to near Easton, 13.3 miles

    4. Easton to Ocean City, 72 Miles

The Queen Anne's Railroad (QA) was a railroad that ran from Love Point to Lewes, DE and was connected by Baltimore by ferry.

1894 - The Queen Anne's Railroad company was formed in Maryland

1895 - In February, the Queen Anne's Railroad received legislative authorization from Delaware. The railroad's original western terminus was in Queenstown, MD

1898-1902 - The Queen Anne's Railroad completes its lines from Love Point to Lewes, DE

1901 - The QA began operating a summer-only Cape May Express between Queenstown, MD and Lewes, DE with a connection by steamer to Cape May, NJ. The company owned and operated the Queen Anne's Ferry and Equipment Company which consisted of the steamers Endeavor, Queen Anne and Queen Caroline.

1902 - The QA was extended 12 miles to Love Point, shortening the ferry trip to Baltimore.

1905 Two days later these two railroads were consolidated as the Maryland Delaware and Virgina Railway Company (MD&V) which was controlled by the Baltimore Chesapeake & Atlantic Railway Company (BC&A). Also acquired were several steamboat companies including the ferry from Baltimore to Love Point.

1905 - In June, the Pennsylvania Railroad purchased and took over control of the BC&A which continued to operate as a separate entity, the Baltimore and Eastern Railroad (B&E).

1894 -The B&ES was sold at foreclosure, and reorganized as the Baltimore, Chesapeake & Atlantic Railway Company (BC&A). The Maryland Steamboat Company, the Eastern Shore Steamboat Company and the Choptank Steamboat Company were also acquired. The BC&A was controlled by the Pennsylvania Railroad.

1891 - In August, the B&ES completed construction of its road from Eastern Chesapeake Bay at McDaniel to Salisbury

1890 - In June, the B&ES purchased the property of the W&P

1886 - The Baltimore & Eastern Shore Railroad Company (B&ES) was organized to build a line of road from Eastern Bay, in Talbot County, to Salisbury, Wicomico County, MD

1868-76 - The Wicomico & Pocomoke Railroad (W&P) built a railroad from Salisbury to Ocean City, MD (at the Atlantic Ocean)